They’re Real in Full Colour

3Hi Everyone,

So today I got to learn all about Benefit “They’re real” New range of coloured Mascara & Liners.

For a make up addict like myself, It was awesome.

I love a product that gives a good impact without feeling heavy on my eyes, as they are sensitive.

I first bought “They’re Real” liner last year when it first came out.

I admit I didn’t know how to use it properly, & I didn’t really give it a chance.

I caught up with Castlebar’s Benefit guru Triona Heneghan, to learn a few Professional tips.

The secret to applying ” They’re Real” is

Twist once, So You can barely see the tip, & I mean Barely.

This of course was my first mistake,

Its no wonder I couldn’t do it properly.

I had far too much product out.

Not to worry, I know now.


If You haven’t used the liner for a while You may need to wipe on a tissue first.

A clean tip will work more efficiently, giving You great results.

You start at the centre of Your eye, and using a stamping motion, dab between your lashes.

Now continue to stamp or dab all along your lash-line, as close to the lashes as possible.

Take Your time, because You need to build up the depth and intensity.

This is the case with most eyeliners, It takes a little patience.

Next step is to position Your flick.

The best way to determine where Your flick should be is, use the end of Your eyebrow as a guide.

Angle the tip from the outer corner of Your brow and press to create Your flick.

Now You can use a few light flicks to fill in Your wing.

The new liners come in,





I tried on the green today and I loved it.

Its a deep shade of green, so its not as harsh as black liner and gives an alternative look for summer.

The Liner retails at €25

So “They’re Real also have two new shades of mascara out,

They have added Blue and Brown as well as the original Black.


The secret is in the wand, its dome shaped top is perfect for creating length and volume.

Start by making sure any old mascara is properly removed.


I give them a little brush through first, before I use my lash curler.

Position the wand horizontally and wiggle from side to side base to tip.


Next hold wand vertically, stroke upwards for length and lift.

Don’t rush this process, it takes time, to perfect it.


I tried out the black mascara with a hint of electric blue today, I loved it.

I found it very comfortable to wear all day and I have very sensitive eyes.


The blue pigments are very strong and paired with the deep green liner really made my eyes pop.

Sarah who works with me in the salon is a huge fan of  “They’re Real” black.

After today I am definitely converted.

Mascara retails at €26

The real gem in this range for me is the eye make up remover,

This is a rich cream, enriched with vitamin E.

The trick is to massage it into Your lashes first.

This cream is so gentle, but its tough stuff & will remove all traces of product.

Even on my sensitive eyes it works a treat.

Its the best eye make up remover I have ever used.

Stauntons Pharmacy Main Street Castlebar are running a promotion from June 25th to July 4th.

Buy Two Benefit products Get a FREE Benefit Goodie bag while stocks last   

There will be a make up master-class in-store on July 4th 2-4pm with Hayley Coleman.

This is FREE to attend, and I am sure Hayley will have loads of cool tips, tricks & advise to share.

I really hope I can sneak down for a few minutes, Saturday afternoons are a busy time for me.

Thank You for reading

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Maria xx

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