Dream hair, its achievable

semiHey Ladies,

So We all Would love Lauren Conrad’s mane, for some of us sadly it will never happen.

Some of us were born with fine hair, and that is ust the way it is.

There’s always extensions for those who lust after thick long locks.

If extensions are not Your thing, You have plenty options.

Shorter styles are classy and fabulous, as are bobs and midis.

There a a few things we can do to help us along the way.

There are three crucial components to achieving dream hair.

The right colour, the right cut, the right shampoo and conditioner.

Always leave colouring hair to the professionals.

Even though those colour boxes promise great things, It is rare they actually deliver.

No matter what celebrity is advertising hair colour, Il bet they have a Pro salon colour their hair for the ads.

It is absolutely essential to have Your hair trimmed at least every Twelve weeks.

If You leave it longer than this it will start to split, little and often is best.

Buying a good quality shampoo and conditioner will really help.

I recommend the ALFAPARF range as it is sulphate and paraben FREE.

Sulphates are salt based detergents and are very harsh on the hair, causing

frizz, tangles and make Your life nothing short of a “hairmare”

Sulphate free products will keep Your colour fresh for longer, saving You money in the long run.

These sets are brilliant value at €24.99, You get two great products and a free brush.

There’s one for, moisture, this is great for unruly or curly hair. The Reconstruction set is for damaged hair, this is great for blondes or those with weak fine hair that needs protein.

The Illuminating shine sets contain a shampoo, conditioner & semi di lino hair oil.

This is suitable for all hair types really, but it gives amazing shine.

All three sets are available in salon at the momemt.

If You need any advice on managing Your hair get in touch anytime.

We are always happy to give our expert tips.

Love, Maria

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